Introducing HY-Flow

Winning Solutions for Ready-Now Customers

HY-flow is a comprehensive program designed to help you build and manage a ‘Ready-Now’ inventory, capture demand with advantageous retail pricing, market to your customers and incentivize salespeople. With HY-flow, you get all of the winning tools – like wholesale programs and retail promotions, inventory management training, comprehensive marketing plans and sales incentives – that make it easy to meet the needs of the ‘Ready-Now’ customer.

Programs & Promotions

Through Programs and Promotions, it’s easier than ever before to maintain a consistent inventory of ‘Ready-Now’ trucks and facilitate quick turnaround of existing stock trucks. Net pricing programs provide unlimited profit potential that can be used to win deals or add to your bottom-line. Leasing offers and other rebates help make it easier to move existing inventory quickly. Select a program below for more details.

Sales Incentives

HY-flow is designed for the quick transaction from the ‘Ready-Now’ customer, which helps sales teams put more money in their pockets, faster. Additionally, HYSHARE Rewards programs are coupled with ‘Ready-Now’ inventory so sales members can earn bonus and double points on qualifying sales.

Training & Education

The ‘Ready-Now’ customer has likely done their homework before they ever engage a salesperson. Simplified training programs are currently being developed to help sales teams quickly understand the key selling points that the ‘Ready-Now’ customer cares about the most.


While the simplified HY-flow sales messaging is on its way. Sales teams can rely on their existing product expertise and their knowledge of the power positions to help convey the unique selling features of each truck.


Your Area Business Manager is uniquely equipped to help you manage inventory and place orders that set you and your sales team up for success with the right inventory at the right time. Additionally, we’re developing other resources to help you independently manage stock successfully.

Awareness & Lead Generation

Localized strategy and content is available in easy-to-execute packages that you can quickly brand and deploy. Our national strategy will support and complement local content by building awareness of the trucks, while your local campaign will let customers know you have the truck they are looking for now! Additionally, valuable leads from national marketing efforts will be passed on to dealers to put ‘Ready-Now’ customers in front of dealers with ‘Ready-Now’ inventory.

Current Marketing Assets Now Available:

**Just Added - Walkie Leasing Promotion - Now through March 31**
MX/XT Awareness Marketing Assets

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National marketing to build awareness of the trucks that are part of the HY-flow program.


Localized syndicated content to tell customers you have the truck they need at the price they want.

Stock Management

HY-flow requires a constant flow of inventory. Work with your Area Business Manager to help manage extended inventory and make the right orders for your dealership. Also, special tools are in development to help sales coordinators manage stock effectively and help sales teams see exactly what inventory is available to them.

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Competitor Comparisons

 Knowing how your trucks measures up against the leading competitors is vital to keeping the customer on the lot and closing the sale. Simplified competitor comparisons are currently being developed and will help sales teams easily communicate the key competitive differences to your customers.

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